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Andy Warhol’s Index (book)

I wanted to fully archive the Index Book for this site and share it with you guys and the net.
Created by Andy and his Factory in 1967 – the slightly worn sticker can be seen on the cover.

For me the interesting aspect is that it was conceived as an ‘art pop-up book’  >> just the kind of approach I’d like to see more of in modern publishing. Graphic imagery, swinging typography and a dose of wit are the order of the day here.

I found this treasure tucked away in a refined bookshop in Ebisu. My friend had told me of a Warhol pop-up book, but it was the stuff of dreams to finally see one.

I have only cataloged from above at this point – will have to come back at a later date and shoot the pop-ups so we can see the scale and dimension of the paper engineering more clearly.
There are sections where I have shown detail of pieces that have come away from the book.
I’ve also made a few notes about interesting paper construction throughout.
If you have any info about it let me know!

‘We’re attacked constantly’ – love this one. Amazing typography! Smashing paper construction.

Below >> The Accordion which is meant to make a sound as you open. Mine does not.

Little bit of damage to the binding here on my book.

Below >> The Biplane

Not sure where these loose pieces are meant to be placed on this spread. Edie Sedgwick looking hot tho.

The next spread here has been taped together by white dots to contain the pop-up trapezoid.
Ive not tried to open it.

Lou Reed’s detachable record then suddenly Nico.

Below >> Andy’s nose (or his obsession with) folds out into strange shapes and colours.

Above >> The Soup Can (Hunt’s not Campbell’s)

Above >> Some kind of treated paper you cut out and put into water FOR A BIG SURPRISE!!!!

The Balloon always corrodes and sticks the pages together.


  1. 5:02 am

    C’est genial! J’adore!

  2. 10:34 am

    Brilliant! What a find

  3. 1:04 pm

    Holly will like this!

  4. 9:51 am

    More puff than substance, I’m afraid.

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