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Bingle Car Insurance

A wonderful little job worked on for Bingle Car Insurance in 2010 commissioned by Jungle Boys Production Agency.

The Brief: Engineer paper ‘heroes’ for a series of seven stop motion TVC’s.

I was lucky enough to collaborate on this project with the supremely talented illustration/design duo MaricorMaricar. This is perhaps the most rewarding job I’ve worked on in a while and we achieved a real creative synergy together. There was a bit of a paper love in to be honest! We had admired each others work from afar so it was great to have a chance to create some inspiration with these talented gals on a commercial project.

Above: The ‘hero’ car and some other bits and bobs. I constructed the more technical elements of the props and Cor/Car then added their illustration touch to them for texture and depth.
Below: The adverts

Below: Cor and Car making design calls on the art direction.

Below: ‘The Sales Department’ – perhaps the most ambitious construction of the collaboration.

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