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Pop-Up for Jean-Pierre Jeunet and the Commonwealth Bank

10:27 am

Now that its screening on television, I can finally show you the pop-up I engineered for a recent Commonwealth Bank advert. It was directed by none other than Jean-Pierre Jeunet of Amélie fame. I got to meet him which was a real buzz – it was a wonderful little project to be involved in!

My little pop-up book >>

And below a sign I made for the intro.

  1. 11:55 am

    well done mr
    and i thought that ad had a Jeunet vibe to it, makes sense now lol

  2. 11:59 pm

    Ahhh… so THAT’S what he was doing down here!
    Great work!

  3. 11:39 pm


    Jeunet is lucky to have you! He should be star-struck, writing on his blog ‘I got to meet BENJA HARNEY, paper engineer extraordinaire in Sydney!’

    ps) I nearly worked on that ad *sniff sniff*


  4. 1:38 am

    hey Benja! I didn’t realise you worked on that campaign, awesome stuff. We handled the digital side of things at ninemsn.

    You seem to be keeping busy. Was surprised to find out you know an old friend of mine Andrew Murray?

    Also met a curly haired young lad out a few times called Peter who seemed to be a great admirer of you and your paper arts…

    How is Cameron doing by the way?

    Would like to hear if you’re exhibiting sometime.

    xx carlin

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