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powerful wanjina

1:12 am

powerful wanjina

My current area of interest are the Wanjina from the Kimberly region of Western Australia.
Cloud and rain spirits from the Dreamtime who’s ghosts still exist in small ponds.

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  1. Kate Dickson-Battye permalink
    7:28 am

    Hi Benji,
    I have just discovered your amazing work via The Design Files and noticed your image of the Wandjina.
    I wanted to show you our large scale wandjina that we created for the opening ceremony of Sydney Olympics. The image was applied to a huge 30×30 metre net. The people standing below give you some idea of the scale. It was made up from lots of small peices of fabric, hand dyed and hand sewn. Hope it interests you, Kate.
    PS I am not actually part of the mowanjum artists group but their web site shows a great photo of our creation.

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